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Subject: The Philippines is In! As of March 29,1994 at 1:15 am Philippine time, unfortunately 2 days late due to slight technical difficulties, the Philippines was FINALLY connected to the Internet via SprintLink.The Philippine router, a Cisco 7000 router was attached via the services of PLDT and Sprint communications to SprintLink’s router at Stockton Ca.

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How to Update Twitter via SMS/Text Philippines (@tweetitow

/off -> To go offline. This means you will stop receiving updates. Please its my very first time really want so bad to do the coupons to help my family needs for every day at home.Please help me how can l get any coupons please. A google user. 05/16/2013 at 11:36 PM.

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From Twitter 08-24-2010 | Mobile Tweeting in Philippines

19:49:35: accckk.close my computer.have to do my show off unta. =( 19:57:16: Someone i don’t like is like a few feet away frm me. =| 19:59:19: Pwede petition-an na ni sya haron di na jud ko kita niya like foreverrrrr. 20:23:52: Haha.i will but itl b my face again.gikapoy na sad ko sa akong [email protected] aww. no show off again. bummer

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An Inconceivable Truth: MMS is a Global Success at 30B

For the users in Asia MMS is usually their first experience with a multi-media capable service, so receiving news, entertainment, soap opera updates, movie trailers, discount coupons, etc via MMS is a compelling offering. The revenues of MMS in Asia have already grown past SMS revenues in Asia already, as IDC reported in 2009.

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