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Actived: Wednesday Oct 21, 2020


$5 off Oxy-Powder coupon (Bowel Cleanse Support Forum) 5/4

Your prize is $5 off Oxy-Powder, a high quality intestinal cleanser that promotes optimal colon health and regular bowel activity as well as give off time released oxygen in to the system. TO CLAIM YOUR PRIZE: You must use the coupon code ’secondsweep’.

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Buying Sota Instruments- discount at Dr. Bob Beck Forum

Sota is still allowing people to save 10% just go to and use coupon code CA0014 I love the silver pulse and make my own Colloidal Silver . Only positive things to say about their service and high quality products!

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$10 off Manitoba Harvest hemp seeds,hemp oil,teas,Evening

$10 off Manitoba Harvest hemp seeds,hemp oil,teas,Evening Primrose Oil (Reduce Wrinkles)etc..

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Coupon for Utopia Silver? at Ask Tony Isaacs: Featuring

i think i remember you posting a coupon code to use on the utopia silver site. is that still good? ps - sorry to hear about your father, i wish him a speedy and full recovery! Cure Zone Log On Join

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Zeolite - Bentonite - Psyllium Husk at Zeolites Support

That's a die off reaction. It was working, but it sounds like you have a high toxic burden. It will be that way until you get the toxins out. Were you having at least 2 BMs a day on the DE? It's so important to poop a lot on whatever protocol you use, otherwise the toxins will just recirculate throughout your body instead of being eliminated.

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Oxypowder at Candida & Dysbiosis Forum, topic 1168928

I do Oxypowder. As a matter of fact, I'm doing it now. I think it's good stuff, but because it liquifies your stool it can get messy in the toilet. But it's over pretty much in the hour after you've awakened if you take it before bed.

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side effects of rose laurel opc at Ask Tony Isaacs

I went to church early this morning and decided to take the morning off, no cleaning, no nothing. Going to do whatever I want till I have to go to work. I just love you guys and all the work you do. I wish I could give out rose laurel/sutherlandia opc to my residents instead of digoxin and chemo pills.

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Nebulize with Lobelia and Mullein - vinegar or alcohol

I have used both, vinegar based and alcohol based extracts, but I find the alcohol based more effective. Sovereign Silver.. That's what health food stores sell.

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Lifetime asthmatic trying to stay off Inhalers. Please

As I sit here writing this my lungs feel as though they are swelling internally. Ive got the elephant on the chest feeling. I checked my peak flow and I usually blow around 550-600 and Im blowing 480- 500 today. All night I have been waking up feeling like I cant breathe. I have struggled with asthma my whole life and until just recently I believed that it was something that I was just going

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Pumpkin Seed Oil - phytosterols at Parasites Support Forum

I was just thinking about something on that order with the VRM2 from Systemic Formulas. It's mainly for nematodes, and is taken for 10 days, with 5 days off, then taken for 10 days, etcfor 90 days, and they warn to not start it unless you are willing to follow through to the end, and that's the one you need to not eat red meat with.

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